Fashion Style Icon Joseph Gordon-Levitt - Who Is He?

Joseph Gordon-Levitt was named "Best Dressed Man" in 2012 by Esquire Magazine. If you're interested in fashion,  it's a no-brainer why he would have been chosen for this title. Gordon-Levitt has definitely been inspired by his fashionable roles in Inception, Looper, and The Dark Knight Rises as aspects of each character's style has had an apparent impact on his wardrobe.
What can we really take away from Joseph Gordon-Levitt's style?
1. Italian shirts are always appropriate. If you have seen pictures of Gordon-Levitt by the media, he's always wearing his best designer shirts along with classic fitted jackets and pants. His sophisticated taste and preference for luxury shirts is uncommon for other icons his age. Still, Gordon-Levitt is an advocate for a  unique clothing style-- both on the street and red carpet. 
2. Gordon-Levitt's clothing always fits him perfectly. He appreciates a good fit, since it flatters the body in the right ways. Having a suit that is too tight is not fun to look at, and having a suit that is too baggy gives off an impression of being sloppy. 
3. Being daring with your style is not necessarily a bad thing. Since fashion shirts are now available in a wide variety of colors and styles, stepping out of your comfort zone and adding flare to your style can make your day a little more interesting. Do a little research on Gordon-Levitt's style if your want to see some good examples on how to style different types of plaid, patterns, fabrics, and colors into your outfits.
4. Make sure to take good care of your clothing. While wearing the best European clothing is impressive, you'll give off the wrong impression if your clothing is in bad condition. Before going out, make sure to check your outfit for problem areas, and also iron when needed. It might take an extra ten minutes, but it's well worth it.
5. Stand Up Straight. If you are to pull of an outfit, you'll need to give off a confident impression. Whether you're wearing your best suit or a simple summer shirt, you'll need to stand up straight. Even if you're not that comfortable, you can still fake it with great posture. 
6. Make Smart Wardrobe Investments. Not all of us can afford to buy the type of clothes that Gordon-Levitt has. However, we can compare with the purchase of double collared shirts if we invest in the best that we can afford. After all, better quality clothing lasts longer.

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