Via Uomo : Latest in Menswear Dress Shirt Trends

Via Uomo shirts are ahead of the curve. Imagine a shirt that could fit to any situation you apply it to. You can wear it to the office and feel your most professional. A great look for the office definitely can help inspire people to work to the best of their ability.

Then picture this same shirt, worn a little differently. You can take off the tie, undo a couple of the buttons, throw on a pair of jeans, and Voila! You have a perfect outfit for going for dinner, cocktails, or to the club.

The different options of Via Uomo fashion shirts are seemingly endless. When you're looking through our collection, you might find yourself thinking that no two shirts are the same, and in reality, that thought is not far from the truth. Our European dress shirts are extremely detailed, with different colored stitching and unique buttons to compliment the design. Some of our shirts actually feature different prints on the collar and cuffs, for those of us who are more daring with their fashion preferences.

If you're conscious of high-fashion, you'll be floored by the price we are offering these shirts for. They are hand sewn, 100 percent cotton, and feature the “double collar” look. The “double collar” looks kind of like it sounds, with an extra collar folded from underneath in a different color, it's purpose as an accent to the first. If you're interested in shirts that stand out amongst the crowd, Via Uomo is for you. However, we don't design shirts that stand out in the crowd in an obnoxious way.

Our shirts are not cut like normal American shirts. European cut shirts are a little more slim, yet tailored to compliment your body's natural shape. No longer do you have to worry about shirts you're swimming in. The Europeans have got it right when it comes to the dress shirt.

It's nearly impossible to find these shirts anywhere in the US, which is why we've made them available on If you want a look that's truly unique, then you'd be smart to opt for a Via Uomo shirt. Since these shirts are made with high quality fabrics, they're made to last you a long time. Once you have one in your wardrobe, you'll realize it's an absolutely essential piece.

Via Uomo shirts are in high demand now that we've released them on, so we are constantly renewing and restocking our store with new options. If you like a shirt, you shouldn't wait to buy it! It might be gone when you go back to the site!

In addition, we restock with the season. Get them while they're hot!

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