French Shirts: These Aren’t Your Grandfather’s Dress Shirts

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America is upping their fashion game and revolutionizing the dress shirt by drawing inspiration from European fashion, namely haute couture. When someone hears the term "European luxury dress shirt", some might immediately think of shirts reminiscent of grandfather's style, however, that is not the case when it comes to Franck Michel shirts. While some consumers might be shocked at the price of these European luxury dress shirts, other consumers who are accustomed to paying high prices for dress shirts would be absolutely astounded that these shirts are offered at as low of a rate as their are on 

One main aspect that sets these European dress shirts apart is that they are fit entirely different than your traditional American dress shirt. The traditional american dress shirt oftentimes sets their standard of size by the size of the neck as well as the arm, while European dress shirts oftentimes set their sizes in terms of a general (s, m, l). They are typically expected to fit in a way that compliments the body in terms of the size. One should expect their European dress shirt to be slimmer around the torso in order to achieve the chic slimming effect that generally characterizes European style. Because of this style, a certain versatility is achieved by European dress shirts in that they can easily be worn in the office or for a night out. 

European designers like Franck Michel have truly revolutionized the dress shirt by adding careful, stylish, minute details that would impress even your grandfather. Franck Michel has used patented design details such as French cuffs that are held together by the finest leather in order to resemble a leather watchband. Franck Michel also has implemented other details into his European Shirt design such as the reverse collar, which involves a collar that folds over twice in order to add an unmistakable accent to the shirt. In addition, Franck Michel has utilized the doulbe collar in his shirt, which is another element that is very rare within American Shirts.

Finally, these European dress shirts are known to use the highest quality materials. Since Italy is in the epicenter of the fabric market universe, designers have access to the highest quality textile manufacturing. This leads to consistently refreshing collections of cotton with 100% unique patterns that are extremely hard to find elsewhere. 

Since these European dress shirts are scarcely available stateside, if you invest in one on, you'll be standing out in the card. The collection is expanding rapidly and consistently, and the price ranges from around $100-$200 depending on the shirt's novelty.

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