The Best Ways To Wear Men’s Plaid Fashion Dress Shirts

Mens plaid shirt | Fashion plaid shirt 
One recent trend I’ve noticed in men’s fashion shirts is that some of the more adventurous designers are rolling out collections that include a lot of plaid patterns.  Plaid is a pattern that we are all familiar with of course, but we might not expect to see it on a high end fashion shirt, but rather a flannel work shirt or something similarly casual.  However, men’s luxury designers are increasingly working plaid into their collections and we should consider how to best work it into our wardrobes.
First of all, let’s delineate how the plaid shirts on offer from men’s fashion designers differ from those that your dad wore to go camping.  The chief way they are different is the material on offer.  Casual plaid shirts are often done on heavyweight flannel or other thicker fabrics.  Thicker fabrics are never going to look as sharp as the crisp look of a thin elegant cotton dress shirt.  Additionally, these casual plaid shirts are designed to fit a range of body types, and thus have a lot of room in the lower torso.  The offerings from today’s men’s designers are usually slim fit, and personally I think the slimmer the fit the better.  These shirts will fit and wear completely different than dear old Dad’s camping shirts.
So how and where should we wear these new patterns?  For me, one great thing about these patterns is their versatility.  I personally like to wear them with dark jeans on a night out.  The plaid gives off a more casual vibe than a solid color satin fashion shirt, but at the same time with the slim fit and crisp collar you know that you will be look like you’ve put time and thought into your sartorial choice, which of course you have.  These shirts look great with the sleeves rolled up when you’ve been putting in a hard-working shift on the dance floor.  Be sure to keep your sleeves, and your look in general, looking sharp though, by actually folding the sleeves back in folds that match the width of the cuff.  This will keep them from unrolling, and at the same time will keep the upper arm of the shirt from becoming a bunched up mess.  You are going to want to keep that upper-arm portion smooth to show off those hours you’ve put in at the gym. 
For a little more conservative or dressed up look, I like to layer a blazer or a solid color sweater over the top of my plaid dress shirt.  This is one of those cases where showing less of the pattern actually makes it pop even more and really will have people asking you wear you got your shirt.  
I really like this new trend in men’s fashion shirts.  Plaid is a versatile pattern that can be conservative or eye-catching depending on how you choose to use it.  For me, anything like this where I can buy one shirt, but express my fashion many different ways is definitely a good thing.

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